Sugar Addiction
Sugar Addiction

Many of us claim to have a sugar addiction, but tend to this really be classed since the same form of addiction as cigarettes, drink or drugs? We can easily argue the point that sugar doesn't qualify as an addictive substance, but by examining the phrase addiction, we may have a different opinion.

Sugar Addiction
Addiction can be explained as a substance we habitually use where you can devotion to, an element we are dependent upon taking. It may be defined as a substance that when deprived of, inspires withdrawal symptoms.

Many of us claim to have suffered withdrawal symptoms whenever we have reduced our sugar intake, but could we really categorise sugar as a possible addictive, habit forming substance? We all know that addictions such as alcohol, tobacco and drugs use a damaging affect on the body, but can sugar be categorised in the same way, how harmful can sugar addiction be to our body?

Studies have shown that refined white sugar does the truth is have a detrimental impact on our bodies, and we realize that too much sugar in our diet can be harmful. Even knowing this information, many of us still feel the need to include excessive levels of sugar in our diet. We all have our own opinions, but this could be termed as an addiction.

There are numerous symptoms related to a high sugar intake:

- Over Activity and Excitability.

A lot of us feel the affects of excessive sugar in our diet in a variety of ways. Sugary refreshments often makes us edgy, restless, over active and in some cases causing sleeping difficulties. Sugar is frequently responsible for hyperactivity in kids and often causes drastic mood swings, particularly after drinking sweet sugary drinks.

- Concentration difficulties.

Following sugar, we may keep in mind an injection of energy and awareness, but accusation in court a quick fix, and inevitably this sort of feeling quickly subsides as our blood sugar diminish. This commonly has got the effect of leaving us drained, lacking concentration and sluggish.

- Exhaustion

As our blood glucose level fluctuates once we eat too much sugar, your body goes into overdrive to hold a healthy balance. This can be over taxing on your body as it fights to maintain stability in our blood glucose levels. This constant fluctuation has got the effect of making us feel weary, often leading to complete exhaustion.

We're going to always be divided in your opinions in the classification of sugar as a possible addictive substance, but the issue is really unimportant. What really matters is to address the amount of sugar were ingesting. If we realise that the sugar consumption is simply too high, then we need to look at how we is effective in reducing our intake to enhance our health and wellness.


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